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About Us

Zyxel’s 30th Anniversary

1989, the Berlin Wall has fallen, German reunification has begun, Akihito was emperor of Japan, and Taylor Swift was born. In a small apartment in Taiwan, there was one person who gave his sweat, blood, and tears to shape the next 30 years of the computer networking industry.


Dr. Zhu, founder of Zyxel, formed various partnerships to develop the world’s first three-in-one modem that combines data, fax, and voice in a small apartment. After 30 years of hard work, Zyxel products are now spread across more than 150 countries worldwide, connecting more than 400,000 companies and more than a 100 million of users to today’s modern Internet.  Zyxel has become a reliable networking ally for telecom providers, small/medium businesses, and home consumers.

This entrepreneurial spirit from that small apartment is still within the DNA of this company. The Zyxel team will continue to innovate for the networking industry for the next 30 years!This entrepreneurial spirit from that small apartment is still within the DNA of this company. The Zyxel team will continue to innovate for the networking industry for the next 30 years!

Hope and Vision

Unizyx Chairman

Dr. Chu Shun-I

“ I started this company with four people. We didn’t fear the hardships and have created the most advanced products in the world and making them available worldwide. After 30 years, my hope is that the innovation, perseverance, and creativity that I founded this company with will continue, so that all colleagues will have a sense of purpose, responsibility, and create new opportunities in the future! 

MitraStar President

Wayne Hwang

 Happy 30th birthday Zyxel! We’ve laid a wonderful foundation for these past 30 years, but challenges await us in the future. I hope everybody can stay enthusiastic and continue to overcome these challenges. Stay competitive, one step at a time! 


Unizyx CEO

Gordon Yang

 It’s been 30 years and I’d like to take this opportunity to reunite everybody of Zyxel. I want everyone to have confidence in the future of this company and build a stronger recognition of this company. Together, let’s face the future with positivity. 

Zyxel President

Denise Lin

 August 16 is no ordinary, because it’s Zyxel’s birthday, happy birthday! To stay in the business for 30 years is no easy feat. It is because of the people of this company that made it possible to achieve so many goals. I hope everybody will continue to keep their spirits up and keep achieving those goals! 

ZyFLEX President

Dr. Lee Ping Chin

 30 years of experience, we continuously develop for the networking demands of today. Not only are we experienced, but we now have the power to change the world for the better. I wish Zyxel a wonderful happy anniversary! 

Ardomus President

Chin Ru Lin

 It’s been 30 years, customers have continuously push for more technological advances and more attention to overall experience. I hope our company can continue to meet our customers demands with enthusiasm and provide our customers excellent experience. I love Zyxel! Happy anniversary!  

Zyxel Networks Vice President

Crowley Wu     

“ Happy 30th Zyxel! As the saying goes, life begins at 30. I wish everyone to keep their enthusiasm for Zyxel, continue on to innovate and face the challenges ahead with positivity and strong will for the next 30 years! 

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